Blue Bird Body Company
Founded in 1927 by
A.L. Luce

Where did the "Blue Bird" name come from ?

First School Bus built by the Blue Bird Body Company

If Mr. Luce could only see what he started.

We hope the weather was mild in 1927

1937 - See what 10 more years will do !

1948 - Now that's innovation !

1957 - Progress Continues


Blue Bird Body Company ... The Blue Bird Body Company was founded by Mr. A.L. Luce in 1927. At some point when Mr. & Mrs. Luce were considering names for their new company (building school busses), they realized that the "Luce Body Company" didn't sound quite right. As the story goes, Mrs. Luce was looking out the breakfast window during one of the "Name" discussions and saw a bluebird sitting on a fence post (there are lots of bluebirds in Ft. Valley) ... and proclaimed, "Bluebird ... that's it, The Blue Bird Body Company." So it was ... and so it is.